The first national aerogel material standard issued in China
    The National Standardization Management Committee announced that the nano porous aerogel composite insulation product was officially released. The standard was implemented in September 1, 2018, and the standard number is GB/T 34336-2017. This is China's first national standard for aerogel materials.   
Aerogel standard document

     After the aerogel national standard formulation plan was issued, the Nanjing glass fiber research and Design Institute (here inafter referred to as the South Glass Institute) is responsible for drafting. The Nanfang Institute organized a project initiation meeting for professors and experts from domestic scientific research institutes, universities and well-known enterprises, and set up a national standard working group for nano porous aerogels composite insulation products. The working group collected samples from many enterprises in Audemars Pigeut and other enterprises, and carried out a large number of verification tests, drafted the draft standard, standard compilation instructions and verification test reports. Documents. The national standard specifies the terms and definitions, classification, thermal conductivity index, combustion performance grade, maximum use temperature, waterproofing effect, water absorption performance at high temperature, powder shedding, test methods, inspection rules, marking, package, transportation and storage standards of nano porous aerogel composite insulation products.

    As a representative of Suzhou Institute of nanotechnology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor Zhang Xuetong participated in the preparation and formulation of the standard.

Professor Zhang participating in the work of national standard letter