2018 Cold Expo: Aerospace Aerogel to Create Super Cold Boots
Staff displayed space cold boots based on aerogel materials at the exhibition.
On January 5, 2018 Harbin Cold Expo and China (Harbin) First Aerospace 3D Printing Materials and Application Preparation Technology Expo (referred to as Cold Expo and 3D Printing Expo) kicked off at Harbin Convention and Exhibition Center with the theme of "Innovation Driven, Win-Win Cooperation and Promoting Economic Development in Cold Regions". 
    At the exhibition, a super cold-proof boot based on aerogel material attracted the attention of the audience. 
    Nanometer aerogel material is recognized as a solid environmental protection material with the best thermal insulation performance in the world. Aerogel material from aerospace science and technology has been used in the gas pipeline of Long March 5 rocket and the low temperature lock cabinet of Tianzhou-1 cargo spacecraft. Recently, 306 Aerospace Seahawk (Zhenjiang) Special Materials Co., Ltd., the Third Academy of Aerospace Science and Technology of China, has successfully developed an advanced thermal insulation fabric-aerogel fabric, which is suitable for shoes and hats, thus launching this super cold-proof boot product with super cold-proof function and comfortable wearing. 
    According to Liu Bin, product engineer of Haiying Special Materials, this cold-proof boot is added with a layer of aerogel material with a thickness of only 1 mm as thermal insulation material, which gives full play to the unparalleled "space-grade" thermal insulation performance and can move freely in cold weather with a temperature of MINUS ten degrees. 
    It is reported that Haiying Special Materials is one of the platforms for the Third Academy of Aerospace Science and Technology to implement integration of defense and civilian technologies and promote the development of civil industrialization, and is committed to the innovation and industrialization of new aerospace materials. As one of the core suppliers of C919 airframe structure of domestic large aircraft, the company undertook the development of the work packages of C919, such as the front and rear fuselage, aileron and vertical tail, which contributed to the successful first flight of C919. 
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