Facing the major strategic needs of the country and the main battlefield of the local economy, it is our responsibility to solve key scientific and major technical problems in the aerogel field (as shown in Figure 1). The aerogel team of the Chinese Academy of Sciences is currently focusing on organic polymer aerogels, new nano-carbon aerogels (graphene, carbon nanotube, etc.) and inorganic oxide aerogels. It is planned to adopt structure and process design, realize the controlled preparation of zero-dimensional aerogel microspheres, one-dimensional aerogel fibers, two-dimensional aerogel films and three-dimensional aerogel blocks (as shown in Figure 2). Explore the subversive applications of the obtained new aerogel materials in the fields of textiles, energy, environment and high technology.

   Figure 1 Key scientific and major technical issues facing the aerogel field

Figure 2 Schematic diagram of the overall research direction layout of the Chinese Academy of Sciences aerogel team