Zhizhi Sheng Associate Professor

  • Email: zzsheng2020@sinano.ac.cn
  • Phone:0512-62873510
  • Address:398 Ruoshui Road, Suzhou Industrial Park, Suzhou 215123, Jiangsu Province, China


  • 2011.01-2015.08: Auburn University, Ph.D. in Materials Engineering

  • 2009.09-2012.07: Taiyuan University of Science and Technology, M.S. in Materials Science

  • 2005.09-2009.07: Taiyuan University of Science and Technology, B.S. in Materials Science and Technology (Metal Materials)

Working Experience

  • 2020.04-now: Suzhou Institute of Nano-Tech and Nano-Bionics (SINANO), Chinese Academy of Sciences, Associate Professor
  • 2016.03-2020.03: Xiamen University,College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering,Collaborative Innovation Center of Chemistry for Energy Materials (iChEM), Postdoc (iChEM Fellow, Associate Research Fellow) 
  • 2015.08-2016.01: Auburn University, Department of Materials Engineering, Materials Research and Education Center, Postdoc

Research Interests

  • Solid-liquid guest-host composites, aerogel materials, liquid gating membranes

Awards and Honors

  • 2021-2022  Young Editorial Board of Chinese Chemical Letters
  • 2016  Best Poster Award of the 2nd International Symposium on Energy Conversion and Storage
  • 2015  Preparing Future Faculty Certificate of Achievement (Auburn University PFF Program)
  • 2015  Outstanding Service Award to the Graduate Student Council in 2014-2015 Academic Year
  • 2014  Departmental Award of Fall 2014 Graduate Engineering Research Showcase
  • 2014  Graduate Travel Fellowship, Auburn University
  • 2011  Best Combined Complexity and Creativity Award of MATL 6200 Symmetry Project, Auburn University
  • 2010  First Prize of Shanxi University Group in 2010 CCTV English Speech Competition 
  • 2009  Outstanding Graduates of Colleges and Universities in Shanxi Province
  • 2009  Jianlong First Prize of Scholarship for Excellent Students, Taiyuan University of Science and Technology
  • 2005-2008  Third Prize in National College English Competition (Multi times)

Representative Publications

  • 1、Zhizhi Sheng#, Honglong Wang#, Yongliang Tang, Miao Wang, Lizhi Huang, Lingli Min, Haiqiang Meng, Songyue Chen, Lei Jiang, Xu Hou*, Liquid Gating Elastomeric Porous System with Dynamically Controllable Gas/Liquid Transport, Science Advances, 2018, 4 (2), eaao6724.

  • 2、Zhizhi Sheng#, Mengchuang Zhang#, Jing Liu#, Paolo Malgaretti, Jianyu Li, Shuli Wang, Wei, Lv, Rongrong Zhang, Yi Fan, Yunmao Zhang, Xinyu Chen, Xu Hou, Reconfiguring confined magnetic colloids with tunable fluid transport behavior, National Science Review, 2020, 8, nwaa301.
  • 3、Zhizhi Sheng#, Jian Zhang#, Jing Liu, Yunmao Zhang, Xinyu Chen, Xu Hou*, Liquid-Based Porous Membranes, Chemical Society Reviews, 2020, 49, 7907-7928.
  • 4、Yi Fan#, Zhizhi Sheng#, Jun Chen, Hong Pan, Baiyi Chen, Feng Wu, Shuli Wang, Xinyu Chen, Xu Hou*. Visual Chemical Detection Mechanism by Liquid Gating System with Dipole-Induced Interfacial Molecular Reconfiguration, Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2019, 58(12), 3967-3971.
  • 5、Alexander B. Tesler#, Zhizhi Sheng#, Wei Lv#, Yi Fan, David Fricke, Kyoo-Chul Park, Jack Alvarenga, Joanna Aizenberg, Xu Hou*, Metallic Liquid Gating Membranes, ACS Nano, 2020, 14, 2465-2474.
  • 6、Wei Lv#, Zhizhi Sheng#, Yinglin Zhu, Jing Liu, Yi Lei, Rongrong Zhang, Xinyu Chen, Xu Hou*, Highly Stretchable and Reliable Graphene Oxide Reinforced Liquid Gating Membranes for Tunable Gas/Liquid Transport, Microsystems & Nanoengineering, 2020, 6, 43.
  • 7、Wei Liu#, Miao Wang#, Zhizhi Sheng#, Yunmao Zhang, Shuli Wang, Long Qiao, Yaqi Hou, Mengchuang Zhang, Xinyu Chen, Xu Hou*. Mobile Liquid Gating Membrane System for Smart Piston and Valve Applications, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 2019, 58, 11976-11984.
  • 8、Zhizhi Sheng#, Xiao Liu#, Linli Min, Honglong Wang, Wei Liu, Miao Wang, Lizhi Huang, Feng Wu, Xu Hou*, Bioinspired Approaches for Medical Devices, Chinese Chemical Letters 2017, 28 (6), 1131-1134.
  • 9、Xu Hou#,*, Jianyu Li#, Alexander B. Tesler, Yuxing Yao, Miao Wang, Lingli Min, Zhizhi Sheng, Joanna Aizenberg*, Dynamic Air/Liquid Pockets for Guiding Microscale Flow, Nature Communications, 2018, 9 (1), 733.
  • 10、Miao Wang, Haiqiang Meng, Dan Wang, Yajun Yin, Peter Stroeve, Yunmao Zhang, Zhizhi Sheng, Baiyi Chen, Kan Zhan, Xu Hou*. Dynamic Curvature Nanochannel-based Membrane with Anomalous Ionic Transport Behaviors and Reversible Rectification Switch, Advanced Materials, 2019, 31(11), 1805130.

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