Recruitment Information (2019.6.17)

Urgent recruitment: several postdoctoral fellows

1. Research direction requirements:

   1. Carbon materials (graphene, graphyne, carbon nanotubes);

   2. Inorganic or organic silicon materials;

   3. Aerogel/hydrogel chemistry or physics;

  4. Chemistry and physics of polymer materials (conductive polymer, polyimide, fluorine-containing polymer, silicon-containing polymer, etc.)

   5. Electrochemical energy storage and conversion

   6. Inorganic ceramic materials

2. Application conditions:

  1. Have a PhD in materials, physics, chemistry, chemical engineering and other related majors;

  2. Have a solid professional foundation and rich experimental experience, independent scientific research ability; strong English reading and writing skills;

  3. Hard working, high responsibility, strong hands-on ability and teamwork spirit.

3. Employment treatment:

    With an annual income of about 300,000 yuan, outstanding people who leave the station can stay for work and enjoy the treatment of local talents.

4. Application method:

 1. Candidates should send their resumes, etc. (including the summary of the published papers and the research work they have done) to Prof. Zhang (

  2. Those who pass the primary election will notify them by phone or e-mail to participate in the interview;

  3. Those who participate in the preliminary interview must provide: 1) academic qualifications, degree certificates and copies; 2) expert recommendation letters and other relevant materials that can prove your ability and level.


2019 Master's Joint Training and Admissions of Suzhou Institute of Nano-Tech and Nano-Bionics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

    The Suzhou Institute of Nano-Tech and Nano-Bionics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (SINANO), Shanghai University and ShanghaiTech University jointly cultivate academic masters. The first year of joint training students mainly complete degree courses in joint training universities, and the second and third grades mainly conduct scientific research and dissertation at SINANO, degree certificates and graduation certificates are issued by joint training universities, and SINANO issues joint training certificates.  

1. Majors to be transferred:

  Physics, semiconductors, chemistry, materials, biology and other related majors.

2. Application method:

    Log in to "SINANO 2019 Postgraduate Transfer Student Information" and fill in your intention. Please copy it and open it on the web page:

3. Contact: 0512-62872676/2682

  Candidates who meet the requirements for the re-examination of the joint training of SINANO are expected to send a re-examination notice by the graduate department around mid-March. Please pay attention.

Special Note:

1. Candidates who apply for the transfer of the joint training of Shanghai University and ShanghaiTech University are required to apply for an academic master's degree.

2. Candidates whose test subjects are three are not accepted.

Advanced Electronic Materials Joint Laboratory Recruitment

About the company:

    Guangdong Standard Enterprise Group is a supplier of special chemical materials for printed circuit boards, semiconductors, and photovoltaics. The group is headquartered in Dongguan, Guangdong, covering an area of 34,000 square meters, and has established physical factories in Jiangxi and Anhui; the group is currently a "National High-tech Enterprise", "Top 100 Enterprises in Chinese Electronic Circuit Industry", and "Chinese Famous Brands", "Technological SMEs", "Dongguan City Synergy Multiplying Enterprises".

    In order to pursue the development concept of "leading technology and independent research and development" and to realize the seamless connection between the research and development end and the production end, the group is now jointly building the "Advanced Electronic Materials Joint Laboratory" with SINANO. It is our responsibility to promote technological progress in the printed circuit board, semiconductor, photovoltaic and other industries, build a new platform for production, education and research, and quickly capture high-end market demand. Now the "Advanced Electronic Materials Joint Laboratory" needs to introduce the following talents:

Recruitment position:High-end R&D personnel

Job responsibilities:Cooperate with professors of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and other scientific researchers to do product research and development for the needs of the group

Job requirements:

     1. Master degree or above, major in materials chemistry, electrochemistry, polymer chemistry and applied chemistry;

     2. CET 6 or above, able to read and understand related foreign literature or foreign patents quickly and proficiently;

     3. Have a strong organization, coordination ability and teamwork spirit, good at communication and thinking, and have an indomitable and enterprising spirit;

     4. Experience in printed circuit board, semiconductor, photovoltaic and other industries is preferred;


     1. The basic salary is negotiable, and the salary is favorable;

     2. Five insurances and one housing fund;

     3. Performance rewards and product development rewards;

    4. Parallel access to the research and development resources and network resources of the SINANO; priority will be given to the promotion of PhD in engineering and other degree promotion channels.

Work place: Suzhou Institute of Nano-Tech and Nano-Bionics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Application method: Interested parties please send your resume to, or, we will reply within 3 working days after receiving the resume.

Call for consultation Professor Zhang: 0512-62872821

Chairman Shu: 0769-22672448 ext. 888/13802275148

Welcome to recommend or apply for the master's and doctoral students of our team;

Researchers in the field of nanomaterials are welcome to visit our team for research.
Interested parties please contact Prof. Zhang ( or associate Prof. Wang (

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