"Advanced electronic materials joint laboratory" established by SINANO and Standard enterprise group
    In the afternoon of November 26, the unveiling ceremony of "advanced electronic materials joint laboratory" was held in Suzhou Institute of nanotechnology. Wang Bin, director of technology transfer center of Suzhou Institute of nanotechnology, and Shu Xuexue, chairman of stande enterprise group, represented both sides to unveil the joint laboratory. Chen Bing, technical director of stande enterprise group, Zhou Jiang, general manager of Suzhou Branch, Luo Yaozhen, deputy director of technology transfer center of Suzhou Institute of nanotechnology, Zhang Xuetong, deputy director of advanced materials department, and other researchers attended the unveiling ceremony.
    The cooperation field of the joint laboratory is mainly the electronic materials and processes involved in the whole PCB industry. The purpose of the joint laboratory is to build a new platform for industry university research, quickly capture market demand, and promote the rapid transformation of technological achievements as the starting point, to promote the technological progress of the PCB industry and realize the seamless connection between the research end and the production end.
    During the meeting, Wang Bin first gave a welcome speech, and introduced the construction policy, basic situation and cooperation with enterprises of Suzhou Institute of nanomaterials. He hoped that the two sides would take the opportunity of building a joint laboratory, based on their advantages in capital, resources, technology, talents and management, and strive to realize the transfer, transformation and industrialization of advanced electronic materials technology achievements. Shu Xuexue introduced the business situation of stande enterprise group. Stande enterprise group is a professional manufacturer of PCB chemicals registered by the government. It is a full member of CPCA and HKPCA, and its headquarters is located in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, a global manufacturing center. He hoped that through this cooperation, the joint laboratory could carry out various forms of industry university research cooperation and promote the research and development of relevant new technologies, new products and new processes. Later, researcher Zhang Xuetong introduced the preparation of the joint laboratory and led the guests to visit the exhibition hall of the Institute of nanomaterials and advanced materials department. Finally, both sides actively discussed the follow-up development plan of the joint laboratory.

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